Top 10 Custom Sneakers Kids

These shoes are all flash with a red on red style fabric and a glitter embellishment on the swoosh. The styling in these sneakers is all its own and a look that is going to masterfully enhance any outfit. If you are looking for a set of air maxes that are going to be a bit more flashy and a bit more fun and sporty, these are athletic shoes that are made to be noticed. The darker red leather and the bright red fabric is a perfect contrast and the glitter swoosh is a touch that will always catch the eye.

This white and teal style Nike is a subtle and very fun look. These tiny air maxes are perfect for children’s shoes or the perfect touch for a baby. The style of these Nike Air maxes is clean with a bright style of glitter along the swoosh. The design here is fun and perfect for a boy or girl. With the subtle yet very fun amendment to the main style, this is a shoe that is perfect for kids and a nice fashion accessory  too.