Top 10 Custom Nike TN Sneakers

The Nike TN or Nike tuned 1 was originally released back in the year 1998 and it has become one of the most collectible forms of Nikes. The original TN line introduced a kinetic energy harnessing cushion, a new upper gradient and some unique color designs. TN is a shoe that harnessed its own bad boy reputation.  They are collectible that is known for their status and look as well as for the performance that athletes can unlock by choosing them over the competition. Some unique colors in the Nike TN can introduce the perfect collectible. Keep some of these top custom Nike TN colors in mind for your next sneaker purchase:

These tan and black style sneakers resemble the look of shifting sands or some unique rock formations. The snake style pattern and the subtle looks make these a great fashion choice for high fashion looks or just for keeping in a collection.

The tan and black style almost resembles the look of ice cream. In these custom Nike TN, we get a High fashion luxury look that is also quite subtle in its choice of color palate. Tan and black is an optimal choice for pairing with lighter shades.