Top 30 Custom Air Jordans

Air Jordan’s or AJ’s were the original brand of Nike sneaker produced exclusively for Michael Jordan. Originally available to the public in late 1984, the Nike Air Jordan is one of the most coveted shoes amongst collectors and a style that has heavily influenced modern sneaker and athletic shoe design. Some of the most coveted shoes for collectors are custom air Jordan’s. If you’re seeking some fun designs that you could use for your collection or for an impressive version of Jordan’s, here are some top picks for you:


These maroon and velvet Air Jordan’s come with their own beautiful and velour design. The luxurious maroon style color and the white embellishments show these as a set of shoes that breathe luxury. The shiny sole elements stand out amongst the matte motif.


These purple gold and white Jordan’s are the perfect choice for sports fans of the LA Lakers. The look of these shoes is excellent with the classic sole design and a quality and uniform color throughout the sneaker. The Jordan symbol is completed in gold with an Air Jordan Logo along the front of the tongue in the same color.


These confetti style Air Jordan’s are as festive as a birthday cake with confetti style sidewalls and a beautiful teal sole configuration. The blue, pink and teal shapes are some of the finest for a fun and festive Jordan design. If you are the type of person that loves parties or wants a birthday cake style, these are the shoes for you.


These black and red classic Jordans are designed for performance with a silver and chrome style backing logo, a red division embellishment along the sole and a black out pattern along the sole and upper part of the shoe. These look like they are designed for performance and with a classical tribute to the bulls bright red.


These classic purple and white blackout Jordan’s are a look pulled straight out of the 90s. With purple sections of the sole and a Jordan logo all completed in a bright purple configuration, you can enjoy a beautiful look on your shoe with a unique color wall that pays tribute to the 90s.


This white and red design includes a darker red and a classic white leather tongue pattern. The front and the sole design are all a beautiful look and they include a pattern that is a classic tribute to the Jordan style. The colors and the shape of these are a similar style to original Jordan’s but with a very unique look with the specialty colorwall.


This blue to purple fade pattern has the front of the shoe in a rainbow with a pink style toe fading down into a light blue along the shoe. The black sole and the gold shapes along the side make this a beautiful tribute to the original Jordan with its own style of shapes. The shape may be original but the colors on this are wild.


These bright yellow to green Jordan’s are perfect for anyone that loves the look of a bright sneaker. They resemble the look of a highlighter color and they include a darker inside for contrast. The Jordan logo pops against the bright yellow to green uniform color.


These all red bulls tribute Jordan’s are built using the visitors colors of the Chicago Bulls. With rich red tones and a shined out style of the Jordan logo, these are built with quality and designed with a matte finish. These are more on the south side of design but they are bound to get noticed for their entirely unique color.


These black and red style Jordan’s preserves the look of the original Jordan with a red division along the sole. The matte black top part as well as the red style of the sole create a beautiful and performance division along the shoe that showcases a look which is all performance. These are classic, but very original.


These blue and white style Jordans can look almost purple in the right lighting. With a high quality leather upper portion and a sturdy sole, these are a type of Jordan that is sure to turn heads and create a look that is perfect for any basketball fan. Light and extremely flashy, these can be items that are going to be big for collectors. The bottom of these Jordans serves as a very subtle look but they still bear the marks of quality that you would seek in a proper collectors piece.

The look can be perfectly suited to the courts or for use at the club or office. If you have been seeking a quality athletics shoe in the quintessential Jordan style, this is going to be one of the best options for you to collect or pick up today.


With its pastel highlights and darker leathers, these shoes create the perfect contrast for your look. Darker tones along the sole and lighter pinks along the tip of the toes and Nike symbol make these a unique and subtle look. If you are the type of person that loves the look of a pastel tone but you don’t want the shoes to appear too bright, these are an ideal option. These are a colorway that you would never see in Jordans and this makes them extremely unique for wear.


These baby blue stunners are Air Jordans with their own unique appeal. You may even want to keep the stunning baby blue tag on these if you are interested in enjoying the perfect look for your shoe. These Air Jordans even come with a look of a unique shoelace design complete with labels and plenty of fun touches. The baby blue suede style is going to be a hit with anyone that has Elvis dreams and the color pattern that these have will stand as something continuously unique.


This black out style shoe is going to turn heads with a matte black style design. The bottom shows very little in the way of shine and a unique top colorway ensures that the matte style finish is going to be perfect for casual wear or high impact use on the street. The high quality look of this shoe is subtle yet extremely high impact with its athletic soles and heavier lace design. In this matte colorway, we can truly begin to see the way that Jordan takes shape. It showcases its shape and stitching like no other standard colorway has done before. If you are interested in the shape and history of Air Jordans, these stand as an excellent tribute.


Hot Pink Jordans with this unique folded mesh showcase the beauty of the colorway in a brighter design than we have ever seen before. The look of these Jordans is sure to turn heads in a fashionable and extremely beautiful design. With the contrast of these black and pink laces, we can see a design that is going to be unique to some collectors and something that will be far from duplicated. The pink makes the Jordans appear light and fluffy, extra comfortable and somehow more powerful and athletic. If you are looking to impress on the courts, or you would like the perfect design for your home collection, these are shoes that cannot be igored.


These baby blue Jordans come with their own unique retro touch. The speckled colorway along the bottom creates a highly unique pattern which can change the look of your design considerably. The black highlights the shape and construction of the entire shoe and the bottom selection can showcase the subtly and beauty of what makes up a Jordan. If you are a fan of light blue and unique design patterns, these are items that are sure to turn heads. The retro baby blue will leave you stunned with a shape that is going to stand as a main Jordan staple. Jordan shoes have never looked quite like this before and these are a shoe design that is going to change the way we think about the bright colorway.


The red and speckle design here resembles something out of a star wars movie. The dark red design pays tribute to the original Chicago bulls colors with unique styles of colorways you will only find in these custom sneakers. If you have been seeking a look that is going to be highly unique for your shoes and you want something that will showcase the design of the Jordan sneaker in a new and original way, this is the perfect option. These speckled style Jordans are totally unique with nearly a snakeskin pattern along the sides. These are the types of patterns that you would not traditionally find in these colorways and they are certain to make an impact with anyone seeking quality sneakers in Air Jordan designs.


Black and pink have long been a successful color palate together. These unique sneakers are no different with a black and pink look which is to die for. These black and pink wonders are going to introduce a totally new style for Air Jordans and a design that will revolutionize the shape of the shoe. The dark black colorway makes sure that the pink fades deeply into the shoe and produces a beautiful look. The lighter colors are striking against the black and the overall design is something which is unique and original to see for the first time. The quality of these Jordans and their unique style showcase the perfect inclusion to a collectors closet or a totally unique style of Jordan for your athletic wear as well.


These bright red jordans offer a very high impact design and a color that is to die for. The high impact red is sure to get noticed and offer you the perfect look for any type of athletic event or your collection. The bottom mesh is a high quality and the reflective red buckles tie into the overall design. These are Jordans that demand attention and will be perfect for people that want a bright and high impact style on the court.


These baby blue air style shoes are very subtle and extremely eye catching. If you have been seeking something that is going to offer you an advantage on the court but not be too flashy, these are the perfect athletic shoe. The Air logo on the bottom is very nondescript and you will be able to show these off anywhere with their subtle style. The top of the sole with its unique mesh pattern and the air Jordan logo along the tongue have all been redone in a distinct baby blue formation.


These black, red and white Jordan’s are a close tribute to the original Chicago bulls colors in a slightly alternative colorway. If you are looking for something a bit more modern, these black shoes with the white soles and red embellishments create a timeless look that will suit a collectors cabinet well or be served well on the streets.


These brightly colored Jordans in the chroma flash design are going to be one of a kind for a long time. With a unique material, these are the types of shoes that you only see once in a lifetime. You will feel like you are living in the future picking up these uniquely reflective shoes with the darker soles and the color that seems to change with the light. The design of these Jordan’s remains true to the original shape but with some unique changes including, the logo design in the top corner, the solid soles and the unique lettering along the back of the boot.


These pink and red stunners are elegant and made with a highly reflective material. The sole design comes with a speckled pattern and the red shoelaces offer contrast from the soft pink materials along the inside and outside of the shoe. While these are a unique color pattern, they will definitely be changing  minds as a new shoe design for something high impact and ready for the courts.


These gold and maroon Jordans are their own unique configuration. With a glitter style sole, we have something that has never been added to a Jordan line before. The darker laces and the slight shine along the shoe offers a design which is luxurious and highly fined tuned for the athletic market.


These all white style Jordan’s showcase the stitching and overall shoe design. With a black fleck along the bottom of the shoe, this is a design which is very subtle and highly sought after by collectors. Because it is slightly different compared to the original colorway design, this is a design that is going to look close to the collectors version but with a few subtle and modern enhancements.  If you have been looking for a unique collectors piece with some subtle improvements, this could be an excellent style of shoe for your to pick up for your use or for your collection.


These black and grey style Jordan’s show off a very subtle style which creates a quality look for your collection or your home style. If you are interested in showcasing an older look for your Jordan’s that also comes with a highly unique shape, these are a design that will help you show off the look of your Jordan’s without drawing too much attention to the colors. The white style of inlets for the shoelaces showcase a quality contrast from the rest of the duller colors.


These black on black shoes feature a few shining touches as well as a matte darker style across the rest of the shoe design. These are likely to be top collectors items or serve as great streetwear. These are a style of shoe that would look just as good on the courts as they would in a display case, with a metallic weave mesh and a silvering embellishment along the sides. The darker soles and the darker stitching showcase a beautiful design of the Jordan and the matte sole design showcases the comfort of the shoe while also emphasising performance.


These pink and gold Jordans are bound to showcase a very unique look for your shoe design. With a bubble gum style of wrap and a white base sole, these jumpmans are bound to be a hit. The gold style embellishments keep these luxurious wheras the bright pink and white make them look like a cloud of bubblegum. These Jordans ride the line between hot collectors item and cartoon dream. Pink and gold Jordans could be a must have for fans of pink and the perfect way to showcase your unique style.


These snow camo style Jordans are a look that was made popular throughout the early 2000’s and late 90s. The look of these Jordans is something that is very unique as a camo colorway has only been done in custom shoes previously. The blue and black style camouflage coupled with the white make these the perfect look for a snow camo dream. The look of these shoes is still fairly impactful and they will serve as excellent athletic shoes or as a daily wear.


These pink and snakeskin style shoes are bound to change your mind on what Jordans can truly be. These super unique designs offer a bit of flash with some minor subtle looks for your shoe. The pink bottoms as well as the bright white designs are going to help you show off the main lines you would expect to see on a Jordan. The pink style along the Jordans are bound to showcase a design that is beautiful and highly stylized for the look of your shoe. It is the camo strip that brings this design to outrageous new levels. The camouflage along the sides is what brings in the whole design to a new level and wrapping it along the outside showcases the look of a highly unique pattern for your Jordans that has never been seen before.