A Review of the Nike Air Max 2090, the future of Air Max

Photo: Nike

In celebration of Air Max Day 2020, Nike debuted a brand new silhouette, dubbed the Air Max 2090. Said to be an updated take on the Air Max 90, Nike mentioned in a promotional video for the shoe that the new generation weren’t around when the classic Air Max models were first made, so they felt they needed to make a new Air Max model for them.

The Air Max 2090 has a dual layered upper, with a transparent synthetic layer on top, and a neoprene lining underneath. The mid sole is mainly comprised of a standard foam, but with an Air bubble underneath the heel, that is encased in a hard rubber. The Air Max 2090, in reference to the Air Max 90, features similar mudguards on either side of the sneaker, and similar TPU accents on the heel.

Aesthetically, the Air Max 2090 is a brand new look for an Air Max model, thanks to its use of a transparent upper, and bright accents. The shoe is almost futuristic compared to its predecessors, and the call backs to the Air Max 90 are a nice touch. There were complaints at launch over the shape of the shoe looking too much like the Air Max 270, one of Nike’s most popular Air Max models, however other than the shape, the shoes are nothing alike. For instance, the Air Max 270 gets its name from its large visible Air bubble in the heel, however on the Air Max 2090, the bubble is mostly encased in foam, causing it to bare more resemblance to the Air Max 90.

After buying the shoe on Air Max day back in late March, we have worn it at every opportunity for the last 2 months, and the sneaker is holding up very well. The thin synthetic material that covers the entirety of the upper is a lot stronger than it looks, especially thanks to its reinforced toe box that has prevented any kind of wear and tear. The neoprene lining is extremely comfortable and conforms well to the shape of your feet, however it is important to mention with the weather getting warmer, that the dual-layered upper is not very breathable, so try not to wear the Air Max 2090 for too long when in the sun.

The biggest surprise of the Air Max 2090 though, was the cushioning that is surprisingly comfortable. Air Max’s have a bad reputation when it comes to comfort, as although Air was revolutionary when it first came out, 50 years later it no longer stands up to its competition. The foam in the Air Max 2090 is also not listed as anything special so we weren’t expecting anything positive from it, however it is really comfortable. The foam is really soft and compresses easily, and as much as the Air bag in the heel doesn’t provide too much comfort, it isn’t as bad as previous Air Max releases, and the insole that sits on top more than makes up for it.

Although we have only tested the Air Max 2090 for 2 months, we feel like we have still been able to put it through its paces, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. There have been no issues durability wise, and the mid sole is strangely very comfortable. The uppers lack of breathability is possibly the only negative, and even then it is not a big issue, just something to bare in mind.

If you want to get a pair of Air Max 2090’s for yourself, they are available for $150 from Nike’s online store, and can also be found at most big sneaker retailers.